Getting good dental care is important to a lot of people. But finding a good dentist or specialist can be a challenge. This is why most folks don’t think twice about travelling a long way just to keep their dentist appointments.
But just exactly how far would you travel to keep your pearly-whites healthy? If you’re wondering whether the distance you travel is extensive or just right, then finding out about how far other people travel will be helpful.
In a survey done by The Wealthy Dentist, an online resource for dental practitioners, it showed that on an average, patients come from as far as 5-10 miles. This distance may not seem much, but if one factors-in traffic and public transportation schedules, the travel time becomes a lot longer.
Travelling to see a dentist in urban areas though is a lot simpler than in a rural setting. In places where people live far away from the town or nearest dentist, travelling 30 miles or even farther is actually pretty normal. When there’s no other choice but to travel that far to see a dentist, driving for an hour or so to keep your appointment becomes a necessity.
Surprisingly though, more dentists with practices in urban areas are more likely to have patients who travel 10 miles or more for an appointment. The Wealthy Dentist’s survey also showed that some dentists have patients who are from out of state and, sometimes, even from out of the country. This may be because patients prefer to have their dental procedures done by a dentist they are familiar with. Here are some other reasons why people don’t find distance as a problem:
• If a patient’s dental needs require a specialist such as an orthodontist, there might not be any other competent practitioners in areas closer to them. So, despite the distance, a patient will travel for implants, braces or any other special need. There is a dentist near Orpington for example where patients attend from all around London.
• The patient’s insurance coverage might not have any dental practitioners closer to his or her home or place of work. When this happens, the patient will not have any other choice but to travel to the dentist that’s covered by his or her dental plan.
• Dentist appointments can be an extremely stressful experience for some people. This is why most patients find it difficult to change dentists when they move away. The added stress of an unfamiliar dental practitioner can be too much for some patients. As a result, they opt to travel rather than change dentists.
If you’re thinking about how far away your dentist should be from your location, the answer is actually quite simple. For most people, distance is not a factor as long as they can get efficient dental care and their teeth are taken care of properly. Just as the song goes, ‘there ‘ain’t no mountain high enough; there ‘ain’t no river wide enough to keep me from getting to you.’
So the next time you find yourself worrying about the distance you need to travel to keep your appointment, just smile. Remember, that what you get for all your trouble is that beautiful smile you just flashed.

It matters to make a good first impression on a business meeting. This can help you get the deal that you’ve been waiting for, while this can also destroy you and your company’s image. The first impression starts from a proper outfit, and it can tell some aspects of your personality. It can unconsciously tell your client how responsible and type of leader you are. For this reason, it is important to dress to impress.

General Rule for a Corporate Outfit

The first rule is not to wear any garment that exposes much skin. Women must not wear a skirt that’s shorter from 1-inch above the knee. It is unacceptable to wear a sleeveless shirt, shorts, tank tops, flip-flops, and the like on a business meeting. Remember that you are there to discuss your ideas or proposals and not to distract them.

According to, 20% of workers think that those who wear casual outfits are slackers.
55% of workers believe that appropriate business attire influences their productivity.
Meanwhile, 66% of workers believe that workers on a higher position should be more dressed to show power and gain people’s respect.

Furthermore, it is also important to consider the nature of your workplace. The nature of your work can give you an idea the appropriate clothes to wear. Aside from that, it is important to consider the people who you’re meeting with. Research is essential on this part especially if you’re meeting with clients of a different culture. Remember not to dress more elegant or prettier than your boss, dress according to your role in the company.

Choose garments that are comfortable to wear. You don’t want to destroy your first impression by appearing sweaty or irritated in front of your client.

Perfect Outfit for Men

The overall goal for a perfect business outfit is to look clean and classy. That’s why it is important to avoid garments with eye-catching colors and patterns.

Grooming is an essential factor to make the best outfit. Have a haircut that’s appropriate in the corporate world. The haircut should look conservative, versatile, and clean without looking boring or plain. Some examples of these kinds of haircut are classic taper haircut, Ivy League haircut, slicked back side, and short pompadour. Furthermore, keep your nails clean and trimmed.

Don’t wear garments that are too loose or tight because they’re not appealing to the eyes. Moreover, pay attention if there is stain, loose button, and a hole on your garment. You never want to wear embarrassing clothes with these.

Accessories can enhance your elegant look. You might want to wear a classy wristwatch, a neutral-colored leather belt, and polished shoes.

Perfect Outfit for Women

Don’t let your hair cover your face. Tie your hair tidily. Do your research on different hairstyles for short or long hair. There are tons of hairstyling guide available on the net to brighten up your face. You may also consider your face’s shape to get the proper haircut or hairstyle.

A blazer can be used to dress up or to dress down. It is the most corporate-looking piece that you might want to invest on. Its versatility allows you to combine it with not so corporate-looking garments like little black dress, and tank tops. You may also combine it with pants or skirt.

Remember not to wear too much accessories. The goal of wearing an accessory is to enhance your assets without grabbing much attention. Wear a perfume that’s not overpowering. Additionally, wear closed shoes. You may wear shoes with heels that are up to 1-inch high.

Remember that an opportunity doesn’t always knock at your door. That’s why you should be prepared to welcome it by being at your best. One example is the opportunity to meet up with a potential investor. You don’t want to ruin this opportunity by giving this investor a bad impression.

Taking a break from your regular job of 9 to 5 to concentrate on your family or kicking back from the corporate world to get the taste for some independence, staying out of work does not suit many. But overwork and daily office routine often kills productivity and the creative flair that you have. To rid you of your blues, there are some niche business ideas that you can dive into in the comfort of your home.


Freelance Writing

With a penchant for writing and a strong hold on language, freelance content writing is the easiest way to get started on the online business front. Pick a specialisation to write on or generally indulge in some research and write style, the choice is yours.

Graphic Design

If you have taught yourself Graphic design then you can sell your skills to those who are looking at hiring graphic designers and brand makers at slightly lower prices. You can work in an individual capacity from your home since all your workload will be virtual.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Take your love for petting and make a business out of it. Literally! Dog walking and sitting is a lucrative, not-explored-yet business idea.

Website Design and Marketing

Much like Graphic Design and Marketing, Website design and marketing requires very little technical knowledge and is being sought by many nowadays. With many small businesses looking to spreading their online presence every day, website design and marketing is the hottest new business idea now.

Garment Design and Sewing

All you need is a basic sense of style, garment design and a master tailor to start an online boutique. Design a few pieces and put them online for sale and start taking customised orders. Smooth as that!

Wedding Planning and Consultants

Managing and organising events is something that you are passionate about then being a wedding consultant is your calling. Put together a team of vendors who can help you out with organising the perfect event and you can do all this while being home in the initial stages of your business plan execution.


Organic living is hot at the moment and what better way to propagate the idea of wholesome living by indulging into gardening at home. You can sell your home-grown fresh produce at farmer’s markets and flea bazaars.


Self-trained photographers are the newest masters right now. Gone are the days when photography was an exclusive job confined to patrons who had technical knowledge of the craft. With the photographic gear getting more advanced and simplified to understand, any passionate artist can teach themselves the finer nuances of photography. Use this skill to use in any field you wish to, like, Product Photography, Fashion Photography, Wedding Photography or Journalistic Photography.

If you are feeling exceptionally adventurous and creative at the same time, we would push you to start a niche business right away!

Like they say, if you do what you love, it is not work.